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Hugo Burvall freestyle skiing with Movement Fly 105s.
Hugo Burvall freestyle skiing with Movement Fly 105s.

Step into a world of timeless elegance and performance with our new 23-24 collection, a masterpiece inspired by the iconic Swiss Style. Elevate your style with clean lines, bold typography, and a contemporary aesthetic that pays homage to the rich heritage of Swiss design. Discover a collection that embodies both modernity and tradition, inviting you to free yourself from the limits.

Axess Series

Nomadic, versatile, efficient, AXESS represents the universal spirit of touring. Absolutely reliable gear for the pleasure of curves on all terrains, whatever the conditions. The hybrid dual carbon construction and the double rocker shape give it that perfect homogeneity that places it among the elite of a touring ski.



Agility, performance, modernity, the ALP TRACKS Series embodies technological innovation for touring skiing. High-precision gears redefine the equation between skiability and agility. The full carbon construction dedicated to the summit hunters who go for their reward, the descent.


Fast up, fun down

Alp tracks series
Discover the ultimate touring companion in Movement's Alp Tracks 85 skis.
Embrace the mountains with Movement's Alp Tracks 85W skis as your guide.
Navigate diverse landscapes confidently using Movement's Alp Tracks 90 skis.
Embrace the mountains with Movement's Alp Tracks 90W skis as your companion.
Experience Movement's renowned touring excellence through Alp Tracks 95 skis.
Embrace the mountains with my trusted companions, Movement's Alp Tracks 95 Women's skis.
Choose Movement for top-tier touring performance - Alp Tracks 98 skis.
Embark on unforgettable touring adventures with Movement's Alp Tracks 106 skis.

GO Series

Free, committed, powerful. The GO Series embodies a new dimension of freetouring where the boundaries between uphill and downhill skiing are blurred. This Series embodies the reign of freetouring, light, solid and unsinkable gears designed for high-density skiing. The movement is vertical, fluid, fast. The mountain is a canvas, the GO your brush.

A Movement freestyle skier in La Clusaz for a sunset session.