Subject to compliance with the obligations mentioned in article 5.G of the Legal Terms, all Products sold by Movement benefit from a 2-year guarantee from the date of delivery of the Product. Products purchased through channels other than Movement’s online store are not covered and you are advised to contact your seller (point of purchase) directly.

For Products purchased on our online shop, simply fill in the form available here to initiate the warranty process. The reported defect will then be reviewed by Movement.

In the event of a proven defect, Movement chooses at its own discretion between a refund of the price, the granting of a voucher of equivalent value or the repair or replacement of the defective Product by another product deemed to be equivalent.

In accordance with article 5.I of the Legal Terms, the guarantee granted does not cover defects resulting from external circumstances (shock, fall, humidity, etc.), damage caused by your own fault or that of a third party, improper handling, use that does not comply with the Product's specifications or unauthorised modification or repair, as well as defects that are the consequence of normal wear and tear of the Product over time.


​For further information, please refer to the Legal Terms.