Reaching Summits

A women adventure

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At Movement, our values of independence, authenticity, and passion guide all our actions. That's why partnering with Reaching Summits resonates deeply with us. Their mission to encourage women's participation in the iconic ski mountaineering event, the Patrouille des Glaciers (PdG), perfectly embodies these values.

"This partnership is authentic and feels like a natural fit! From day one, the Movement team has been attentive to our needs. Our expectations are more than met, whether it's regarding equipment, deadlines, exchanges, or partnership communication. The athletes are thrilled!"

Karine Fragnière

Founder of the project

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A human adventure

Reaching Summits embodies, above all, a human adventure. While the sporting challenge is significant, the essence of the project was to offer eight women the opportunity to push their limits. Among the 70 applications received from all over Switzerland, eight women were selected. These eight women, although strangers to each other, were grouped into two teams of four.

An inspiring story

"With Reaching Summits, I am determined to pave the way and encourage women to push their limits, to fulfill their aspirations, and to find the strength to overcome obstacles. For this purpose, I have founded the Reaching Summits Association, whose aim is to promote endurance sports among women and to encourage them to strive for excellence in all areas of life." - Karine Fragnière, founder of the project

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